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This was such an exciting project! I met Ellice at a Christmas Market and instantly loved her designs. When considering what I wanted to add to my new website, I had always envisaged greeting cards, however I wanted something different and unique to Galgorm Melts! Ellice instantly popped into my head, so we went from there!

Ellice took notes of the botanical ingredients within my soy wax melts, my style preferences (who knew I was vintage!) and used these and my logo as inspiration for my card designs.


I really wanted to feature botanicals, as they not only add colour and texture to my soy wax melts, but they add a gentle scent profile, which makes your Galgorm Melts experience all the more special! Did I mention I grow lots of the botanicals I use in my own garden?

I really hope you can find your favourite botanicals within the prints, it's like 'Where's Wally' with flowers!  My favourite flower is Winter Jasmine, which is featured in my soy wax melt named Caribbean Oceans.

galgorm melts soy wax melt card 1.jpeg
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