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Crafting with Nature

Meet Galgorm Melts Owner, Lucinda Graham

Hello! I'm Lucinda,

wife to Barry and mum to Alex and Harris.

So, how did Galgorm Melts come about?

In September 2022, I embraced a life-altering decision — enrolling in the 'Go For It' program. The aim? To delve into the magical realm of home fragrance, with a special focus on crafting handmade soy wax melts.

Why? Because my love for wax melts and candles had  taken a turn when mainstream brands started filling our homes with harsh chemicals and artificial scents.

I craved authenticity, and that craving birthed

Galgorm Melts.

My quest led me to unravel the secrets behind wax melts and candles — how they're manufactured, sourced and the additives hidden within.

The revelation was a call to action.

"I'd be better off making my own," I thought.

And so, the journey began!


Lucinda Graham, Owner of Galgorm Melts

'I'd be better off making my own!"

MEET GALGORM MELTS OWNER - LUCINDA  Hello! I'm Lucinda, wife to Barry and mum to Alex and Harris.  ​  So, how did Galgorm Melts come about?  In September 2022, I decided to sign up to the 'Go For It' programme and jump in to the world of home fragrance, particularly soy wax melts. I have loved making my home smell beautiful buying wax melts for many years, however I became concerned once candles and melts from big brands began to smell artificial. I decided that I wanted better!

Galgorm Melts has become a haven of authenticity, kindness, and sustainability. It's my answer to the call for better alternatives 'crafting with nature' and using my own homegrown botanicals, herbs and spices with premium blends of essential and fragrance oils.


Crafting each wax melt is a labour of love and I hold to my commitment of using ethically sourced soy wax,

renewable solar-powered production and environmentally friendly packaging.

Our products reflect a commitment to 'ethical indulgence' being plant-based, cruelty-free, and vegan-friendly.

Beyond the aromatic escape, we aim to tell a story of sophistication through locally sourced and sometimes foraged ingredients, ensuring our products are cleaner and celebrate our glorious landscape.

For me, Galgorm Melts isn't just about crafting wax melts; it's about weaving stories, creating moments, and indulging in the beauty of our nature here, in Northern Ireland.


Join me on this aromatic odyssey where passion meets purpose, and every pour carries a piece of my heart.

With love and fragrant wishes,

Lucinda x

Take a look at some of our products

Botanically boost your home fragrance with handmade,

 sustainable soy wax melts from Galgorm Melts.  

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