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Galgorm Melts Produces Handmade, Botanical and Sustainable Soy Wax Melts At Galgorm Melts our passion lies in creating unique botanically infused soy wax melts that add a touch of nature-inspired luxury to your home.  ​  Galgorm Melts is inspired by nature's beauty and its ability to create a grounded, focused, uplifting and relaxed atmosphere. We believe in sustainability and strive to capture the essence of botanical wonders, by infusing our products with our homegrown botanicals, herbs and spices. use only the finest essential and fragrance oils, alongside ethically sourced soy wax.  ​  We take pride in being a plant-based and vegan-friendly brand, catering to those seeking sustainable and cruelty-free options. By choosing Galgorm Melts, you contribute to a greener world, knowing that our products align with your values and desire for responsible consumption.
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