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Northern Ireland Inspired Collection

We proudly present the Northern Ireland Inspired Collection, a true homage to the rich and diverse heritage of our beloved Emerald Isle. Drawing inspiration from enchanting landscapes and cherished traditions, this unique collection embodies the heart and soul of our beautiful island.

Immerse yourself in the essence of home with scents like "Glenariff, the Queen of the Glens", bringing this outstanding forest into your home. "Wild Bluebells of Portglenone," captures the delicate beauty of the ancient floral countryside. Experience the awe-inspiring allure of "The Causeway Coast," a fragrance infused with Carnlough Dulse and paying homage to our ancestral roots, Galgorm Melts presents "Irish Turf Fire," a warm and nostalgic scent that evokes memories of gatherings around crackling hearths infused with Cullybackey Turf. Experience the heavenly fragrance of "Wild Irish Cowslip" infused with the essence of apricots. This mystical flora is sure to transport you to a world of enchantment and wonder. Don't miss out on this divine experience!  Lastly, our collection features the timeless aroma of "Fresh Irish Linen," a nod to the enduring Linen mills and the tradition of craftsmanship.

These thoughtfully curated soy wax melts will transport you back to the magic of Ireland. Each product has been carefully considered to capture the essence of this place, filled with mystery, a slower pace, and cherished memories. Take a little piece of Northern Ireland home with you or share the gift of Ireland with your loved ones through this memory-making wax melt collection!

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