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Five things to Consider when Choosing a Wax Melt Fragrance.

For me, the journey of adding a new scent to my collection is exciting and time consuming. It’s a passionate journey as I want it to work! Ensuring the fragrance meets my high quality standards, and evokes the memory or fragrance can be a tricky task. So, when I find ‘that’ fragrance, I undoubtedly fall in love with it. I look forward to testing it, sharing it with my family and getting their feedback. I live and breathe it until it is right! The job of selecting a wax melt fragrances can be time complex, but is extremely necessary, because when I find the perfect blend and hand pour the scent - it is second to none, and the joy I feel, as a wax melt maker, is pure elation!

Just like a perfume or picture on your wall, each of my soy wax melts tells a story. The story will change with the seasons and is totally personal and reflective of what you like. There is a huge amount of choice and variety in the market from luxury brands, high street stores, independent makers, small creatives and budget supermarkets, which can make the decision difficult and also making it much easier get stuck in a rut and not move out of your comfort zone. However, with a little bit of knowledge and research and a lot of ambience creating, finding your favourite Galgorm Melts soy wax melt fragrance is definitely worth it! Here are five key points to consider when choosing a home fragrance:

1. FRAGRANCE AND INGREDIENTS In all home fragrance making there is a vast difference in quality over quantity this includes the ingredients that are used in Galgorm Melts. The basic comparisons are: Paraffin Wax vs Soy Wax Premium fragrance and essential oil blends vs cheaper perfume oil Home grown botanicals v paper flowers, glitter and dyes! At Galgorm Melts, we use a variety of different fragrances oils including pure essential oils and of course my own homegrown botanicals, all anchored within soy wax at just the right temperature - and, even if I do say so myself, the results are amazing! Fundamentally, what you put in is what you get out of it, be mindful that high prices don’t always equate to high quality – think about the brand, is it commercial, then think about your local small business, who are making amazing products at a fraction of the cost - it is definitely worth a second thought during these cash conscious times.

2. AMBIENCE CREATION Let’s now think about the space you share, who with, the rooms you want to feel special and even the hallway where your visitors get their first impressions of your home. You wouldn’t wear the same perfume each day, so keep that in mind when deciding upon your home fragrance too! The simplest way of choosing the right fragrance is to actually pick them up and smell them, at Galgorm Melts we have a ‘Scent Station’, where each fragrance is available to peruse and experience, ensuring you find your perfect match!

Think about if the fragrance makes you feel good?, which memories does it evoke? Finally, consider where you want to place the fragrance within your home or work space?

3. NEW PRODUCTS - SPRINGTIME NEWNESS At Galgorm Melts, we have a new Botanical Booster fragrance especially for Spring named Uplifting French Lavender and Lemon. It is my new favourite! Zesty and sharp with freshly cut lemons, yet heady with the full fragrance of botanical French lavender. There is just something about this fragrance that exudes happiness, new beginnings and makes me feel uplifted.

I will be following this up with an additional new scent in the upcoming weeks - think Ancient Woodlands and Bluebell fields!

At Galgorm Melts, I want to always give you something special, I won't rush into the everyday, run of the mill fragrances, I will take me time and ensure you and I totally enjoy my new products!

4. REVIEW THE REVIEWS I can’t help myself, reviews absolutely steer my purchases – whether it is to ‘size up’ or ‘avoid’ it is important to see what has gone before for other customers, before you set off on your purchase. I am delighted Galgorm Melts has so many 5 star reviews. I am so invested in my small business, I can’t help but be passionate about the products I offer, so when I receive a lovely review and returning customers, I can’t help but do a happy dance! Check out my reviews at


Finally, I wanted to talk a little about price and how this can effect your purchase. In recent times, like everyone else, I have had to raise my prices. This is due to my core product making three journeys; Brazil to UK to NI. If we grew soy beans in NI, I would be the first in line to purchase them, however, our climate would never allow it. With the 'environmental miles' firmly in my mind, I have chosen an ethical soy bean manufacturer. This manufacturer not only provides valuable employment, with a specific interest in women in business and smallholders in one of the poorest areas of Brazil, but they are also working with their Government to address protecting biodiversity, eco systems and reducing their environmental impact surrounding deforestation. The manufacturer will address and reach their environmental impact goals by 2025.

I additionally work very hard to ensure every other purchase I make is from NI/UK, including local Ballymena businesses. Having a relationship with other small business providers is really important to me, and it means that you are receiving an end product filled with NI energy and passion!

So, when thinking about price, remember quality over quantity, how well do you know this brand, and ultimately, are they worthy of your hard earned cash?

To keep up to date with everything Galgorm Melts please be sure to follow us on Instagram & Facebook. We are always letting our followers be the first to know when we have a new product drop.

If you have any questions about any of our Wax Melts, please fell free to contact us at any time. We love getting questions and hearing from our followers.

Happy Melting

Five things to Consider when Choosing a Wax Melt Fragrance | Galgorm Melts 2023

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