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New Blossoms Bloom at Galgorm Melts: Prepare for a sensory soy wax melt explosion on 2nd February 2024

Hi everyone and welcome to my first blog of 2024! Galgorm Melts soy wax melts, is about to explode with newness that will leave your senses reeling (in the best way possible, of course) and I wanted you all to be the first to know all about it!

I've been on a scent safari, through the wild, windswept landscapes of Northern Ireland and beyond. Every fragrant memory, every sun-drenched meadow, every whisper of pine and ocean spray – I've bottled it all, refined it, and woven it into six breath-taking new soy wax melts that are ready to paint your home with the colours of pure aroma-heaven. This is a collection that whispers of local heritage, of homegrown goodness and of a love for nature poured into every single melt.

Let me introduce you to the new soy wax melt stars of the show:

  • Wild Irish Cowslip: Imagine delicate yellow blooms dipped in honey, dancing in a sun-dappled meadow.

  • Lemon Thyme, Olive and Bergamot: A Mediterranean escape in a melt, with zesty citrus dancing with the herbal whisper of thyme.

  • Heritage Rose and Sweet Lemon: A timeless classic, reimagined with a touch of lemon peel.

  • Glenariff the Queen of the Glens: Immerse yourself in the emerald embrace of this iconic forest and waterfalls, with moss, fern and a hint of wild mint.

  • Japanese Honeysuckle and Cedarwood: Breathe in the serenity of a moonlit garden, where delicate florals blend with the grounding touch of cedarwood.

  • Uplifting Grapefruit and Jasmine: A pick-me-up in a melt, bursting with bright citrus and the intoxicatingly sweet whisper of jasmine flowers.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg! We've also got two stunning new wax melt warmers, 'The Old School House' and 'The Stove', to cradle your fragrant treasures, and five luxurious room and linen sprays to envelop your entire space in an intoxicating mist.

Pro Tip: Take your experience to a whole new level by layering your favourite soy wax melt with its matching room and linen spray – the ultimate trend in scent-sational bliss!

This is a collection I'm bursting with pride over. It's the culmination of months of research, testing, and heart-poured dedication. It's a love letter to Northern Ireland, to nature, and to the transformative power of scent.

Mark your calendars, set your alarms, send out the carrier pigeons for  2nd February! Head over to Galgorm Melts at and prepare to be swept away by a sensory tidal wave. Remember, this isn't just about a new soy wax melt; it's about a lifestyle choice, a commitment to conscious luxury, and an invitation to indulge in the exquisite beauty of nature's embrace.

Thank you for your ongoing support for Galgorm Melts - See you on 2nd February! Be sure to sign up to my newsletter for a whopping 15% off discount code!

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New Blossoms Bloom at Galgorm Melts: Prepare for a sensory soy wax melt explosion on 2nd February | Galgorm Melts 2024


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