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Welcome to Galgorm Melts

where Home Fragrance meets
Sustainable Luxury

Elevate your home with Galgorm Melts'
botanically infused soy wax melts


At Galgorm Melts our passion converges with nature to create handmade, botanically infused soy wax melts that redefine luxury.


Immerse yourself in unparalleled quality with blends of essential and fragrance oils, ethically sourced soy wax, and a commitment to sustainability through solar-powered production. We cater to the ethical consumer by offering plant-based, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly options. 

Experience the fusion of nature-inspired luxury and mindful indulgence, and let your home tell a story of sophistication with Galgorm Melts.


Why use Galgorm Melts?

Grounded in Nature

Unparalleled Quality Ingredients

Galgorm Melts stands apart by embracing nature's ability to ground, uplift, and create a relaxed atmosphere. Our products are a testament to the soothing influence of the natural world. We meticulously infuse our melts with foraged and homegrown botanicals, herbs, and spices, ensuring each piece encapsulates the essence of the environment from which it originates. 

Catering to the Ethical Consumer

Galgorm Melts isn't just a brand; it's a commitment to conscious choices. We cater to individuals seeking sustainable and cruelty-free options, providing a guilt-free indulgence in refined fragrances. Our cruelty-free, plant-based and vegan-friendly melts are a testament to our dedication to creating products that are compatible with your ethical values.

Dedicated to delivering an unmatched olfactory experience and sourced in Northern Ireland, we select only the finest essential and fragrance oil blends. Our commitment to quality extends to the use of our ethically sourced soy wax, chosen for its clean-burning properties and fair trade practices. Biodegradable wood pulp bags ensure our product is packaged in line with our ethos. Therefore, every moment you spend surrounded by Galgorm Melts will be an indulgence in pure, aromatic luxury.

Sustainability at its Core

Beyond crafting exquisite products, Galgorm Melts takes pride in being a beacon of sustainability. Our operations and production are powered by solar energy, reinforcing our dedication to reducing our carbon footprint. We cater to the conscientious consumer, aligning with a lifestyle that values both luxury and environmental responsibility.

Ulster Wildlife Logo Portrait Nature

Galgorm Melts is proud to support the work of Ulster Wildlife, an organisation that is dedicated to restoring nature both locally and globally, on land and sea. Their mission is to revive natural habitats and preserve wildlife for future generations to enjoy. By supporting Ulster Wildlife, we are all helping to ensure a sustainable future for the environment, so that wildlife and wild places can be safeguarded for years to come.

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Galgorm Melts supports the work of Ulster Wildlife

Ulster Wildlife Logo Portrait Nature
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